Selasa, 31 Desember 2013

tu me manques comme un fou

Hei. What are you doing there darling? I guess you are laughing with joke you and your firends r sharing right now, rite? Had a dinner yet? Dont forget to eat hun. I noticed lately, you’re kinda lazy to eat. I just saw you in our friend’s instagram. You, wearing your lovely jacket, use your watch and those eyes..your eyes glance..surely make me melted even i just see it from my laptop’s screen.

I miss you. So much. i need more time with you.. actually we never had enough time together. Even when we were in senior high school we met every single day.. i miss you.. 

remember when we were in high school? U used to give me “beng-beng” everyday. And those things suddenly become your daily habbits:) and when the class free, i come to you and we talked about everything. We went home from school together every afternoon rite? :( you take me to my home.. and when its already near to my house, you never forget to say “i love you, sayang” and i will reply with just “too” hehe.. but, actually i really mean it beb :)

Hm but now, i dont know why you rarely say it. You say it when i say it first to you. I miss every single little thing that we have to used everyday.. you changed.. but im trying to stay with this all. This condition..

I know we wont meet till unknown time. Hehe im just kidding, we wont meet until 2nd term break ryt? and it is still 6 months away. Or more.. see you again in next time darling. Iloveyou and always. :)

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