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Menampilkan postingan dari April, 2014

hey, kamu. terima kasih.

hetaught mesomething today. he taught me how to be more honest with my feeling and myself. always tell him what I feel and what I want. um, I mean what I want him to do for me. just like if I want him to tell me wherever he is, what he does, with whom he was there.. no, I'm not really an insecure girlfriend at all. I just want to know what he is doing there hehe. 
since we have a long distance relationship since april 14th 2014, there is nothing we could do except always keep in touch by text, phone-call, chat or even video-call sometimes (my signal in this room is so fckn bad. so if we have video-call,  the screen will be blured by itself damnit).
this evening, he went to someplace with his bestfriend (girl). he ask for permission and I said 'yes'..
afterhe arrivedat the destination, hmm he updated something that showed he was with his bestfriend. (ex: at Someplace with Someone).. as i saw it, um i dont know i just felt something strange. no, i'm not jealous at all. i k…