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day minus one

Today is October 23rd. tomorrow is the day that I think special. The day when I get older, get more age and one year of life reduced rations. Actually, just like the common people, I do expecting to get the gift(s) in my birthday but, I think the other way now. Gift is just a gift. I whether want to ask more requests to God. I do make a list for my requests and my gratitude list. Let me tell you one by one.

  1. To my beloved parents: [God, please give them healthiness, happiness and your blessing in everywhere they go]. Bu, yah, I just wanna say thanks for all things you gave to me. Everything in my life. There are no enough thanks that I should say to both of you. I just hope you always love me, Ekky and Tasya. The love between the two of you who have raised us. Thank you very much.
  2.  My bro and lil’ sist: hey. My un-chosen friends in my life. Thanks for always be there for me. Thanks for being my friends for live. I hope you two always in God’s side. Always be better and be the best!
  3.  My friends:
    •  Indah & Annida : hay ndul, nid. Thanks for always be there for me. Thanks for always listening to my endless stories. I hope both of you get your happiness in life. There is no more complicated love story, surrounded by the peoples you love and loved you, and get what you want soon!
    • Zahra, Alvia : my ex-kostmateeee! Thanksss for the previous year. Thanks for those nights when we gathered every night just for doing nothing. Thanks for the laugh that we shared together. I hope you two can pass your study and soon to be the greatest food technologist or everything-you-want-to-be.
    • My high-school buddies [Titik, Mia, Siwy, Nurul, Inak, Ocik, Oan, Tami, and Fadhlan, Roni, Hori, Fasyin, Agung, Fajar, Aga, Nisya, Saut, Chessy, Lisa, Faisal and all of my XII IPA 4 member]: hey guysss thanks for never-ending laughs and joys we shared in class! Thanks for always cheering the entire class, thanks for the super funny jokes that make my cheeks hurt, and thanks for everything! I miss u so muchhhh!! I hope all of you can get through what you facing right now and become success in every way you choose. We have to meet up in next holiday!
    • My college closest friends [Nanda, Aldila, Dina, Sarah, Febri, Vina]: hey guysss just like the others, I want to thank you all for being my closest friend in college. Thanks for always understanding me, cheering everything up, the jokes and everything! Haha I hope all of us can get through this and next next next term successfully, and we can get our dreams come true! Do not forget our wish! get the kiss in our diploma together ;p
    • Sastra Inggris UNPAD ’13 : hey guys thanks for being my first ‘friends’ in UNPAD. I hope all of 73 of us can get our dream and can be more compact!!
  •       Rhefitra Yandri : oups sorry no offense to put you out of the box of my high school buddies but I want to thank more to you because even we are not together anymore, you gave to me a lot of sweet memories when we were in senior high school. Though our story is not to be remembered but also not to be forgotten. I hope and hope you get the one who better than me. Get your happiness in life and get your dream soon. Just like the other DIE buddies, we are friend till forever. There is no thing that could make both of us hating each other, even it the past. :)
  • 5       Febriansyah Putra: hello my dearest one. First I want to thank you for always be there for me, always make me comfortable, give the attention to me, accompanied me to everywhere I go, give me advices, listen to my stories, lend me a shoulder to crying on, and everything. I hope you become more mature, more understanding me, not tired of listening to my stories, put me up when I am about to fall and I hope for everything! Not forget, I hope you can be the best pharmacist for me, your parent and yourself :) I love u, feb.
  • 6       Myself: dear myself, please, you are become older! Please become more mature, more diligent, more grateful, understanding the meaning of sincerity, more efficient, more sensitive to others, loving family and friends, have better life goals, more diligent in praying and be better than ever!
 Well, I think that’s all what I want to said. I hope everything come true. Amen. Xx 


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Thanks, dude.

We haven't meet for years. but when I said I want to share my heart-breaking (at least for me) story, he quickly say "okay i'll pick you up tomorrow at 4 P.M. where are we going? But if tomorrow you or me can't make it, let's just have a video call."
Nothing special between us. Just friend, but I'm happy to share my story with him. At least, as a man, he didn't judge me for being too fool because that toxic relationship. 
Thanks, dude.

my high school buddies and their first destination!

mau coba ngedata dimana aja anak DIE melanjutkan studi mereka. acak soalnya aku gak hapal absen and correct me if im wrong :)

1. ABDUL HASIB WIBISONO = Perminyakan,  Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran, Jogja
3. AGA FIR IKBAR = Teknik Mesin, Universitas Sriwijaya
5. ANNIDA RANI CHAIRUNNISAH = Teknologi Hasil Pertanian, Universitas Jambi
6. APRILISA ISWAHYUNI = Kedokteran Gigi, Universitas Baiturrahma
7. BUCHDIYAN = BINUS, tapi kemarin terakhir dengar bucek diterima di ITS. (gatau fakultas apa _--_)
8. CHESSY NABILA =  Teknologi Hasil Pertanian, Universitas Jambi
9. FADHLAN MAULANA = Psikologi, Universitas Jambi
10. FADHOL YUDHAGAMA = Teknik Sipil, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Jogja
11. ELENA PUTRI = Pendidikan Kimia, Universitas Jambi
12. DWI RIFANDI = Pertambangan, Universitas Sriwijaya
13. INDAH MEDIANTI = Desain Interior, ITENAS
14. M. AGUNG PRASETYO = Teknik Sipil, Universitas Sriwijaya

Kuliah Lagi?

Jumat tanggal 15 Desember kemarin, merupakan satu dari sekian hari paling melegakan dan membahagiakan dalam hidupku. Kenapa? Tanggal 15 desember tersebut merupakan tanggal pengumuman penerimaan SMUP S2! Awalnya sih ga kepikiran sama sekali untuk melanjutkan kuliah lagi. Setelah sidang skripsi awal agustus dan wisuda November kemarin, emang belum kepikiran sih akan ngapain selanjutnya. Pengennya kerja dulu tapi orang tua bilang coba untuk lihat-lihat penerimaan S2 di UNPAD atau di kampus lain. Yaudah aku mikirnya mumpung orang tua mau dan mampu untuk membiayai aku untuk kuliah lagi, kenapa nggak?
Ada perasaan cukup menyesal kenapa aku baru buka website dan mengurus pendaftaran & persyaratan cukup mepet waktunya padahal aku sudah diperingatkan untuk mengecek website jauh sebelum pendaftaran dibuka. Hingga aku keteteran untuk mengikuti tes TKA dan TKBI. Untung saja untuk tes TKBI aku bisa meng-konversi sertifikat TOEFL yang aku ikuti untuk persyaratan sidang akhir, jadi aku tidak perl…