Senin, 20 Oktober 2014


Been in love is not an odd thing for me. Let me say, when I’ve been in love, just 2 of them who got fully attention of me. (fyi:  I’ve been in love 4 times.)
The first time is when I was in grade 9th junior high school. He is my friend’s cousin. Let’s call him “A”.  We just went together for about 4 months and decided to go away from each other when we entered the first grade of senior high school.
Second times, in the beginning of senior high school. He is my senior. But when I was entering the school, he just graduated from school. When I did my school orientation, he came with his friend and I was just like, hm…………… but just like with “A”, we just went together for about 3 or 4 months (omg I forget about the detail.)
The third, he is my classmate. He asked me to be mine in the middle time of second grade. Since that day, we’ve been together as a couple (who fully in love). We met every single day, study in the same school yet same class. His friends are my friends too. And we went together till we are graduated from senior high school. But, when we are already go out as an alumnus from senior high school, things by things changed. At first we were fine with that condition, but obviously two of us showed incompatibility mediated by distance. He is an ‘indifferent to the situation’ person and me who are always want to be notified brings us to the problem which is quite serious. In the end, just like the others, we go away from each other when we’ve been together for about two years and 4 months.
And the last, the boy[man] who are with me now. He is my old friend. I knew him when I was junior high school. But he went the different school. I never get to know about him when I was senior high school and he slowly got my attention when I graduated from senior high school or exactly when the problems with the ex-classmate started to came.  And he is with me now, lucky me he went to the same university like me so there are no more hard distances facing us. I love him and he love me too yeay! Haha

Well, that’s all. See u soon!

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